Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, the vault is a collaboration of two people who love all things video game and film. Growing up in the 80's and 90's video games has always played a big role in our lives and now we get this amazing opportunity to put that passion into our creative work and share it with the film and gaming community.

Gaming has changed massively from 15-20 years ago when we played multi players in our rooms with our friends to now it is a very social but yet solo experience where we play with our friends over a mic and chat room. Destiny has really taken that multiplayer and co op experience to a new level which we have never seen before on console and it truly is the best game created in our opinion. We have so many good memories of the game over the last 3 years but one of the most important memorable things that really stand out was the Skolas challenge in the wheel of triumph before the release of The taken King. The one task that wasn't complete was Skolas LEVEL 35! All our friends had given up but we spent a week solid matching up with random guardians trying time after time until it was finally done, with a few days to spare before the deadline. Can honestly say that it was the hardest most challenging thing played in any game ever!

Coming from a design and illustration background we really take inspiration and motivation from anything visually stimulating and we really like to share other people's work within the community on our social networks. The process to make any of our items is long and drawn out and with the costs involved we pretty much do it for the love of it. We start with a 3D render and then move to a high quality 3D Resin print for the master. After clean up this is them molded and resin cast. Final stages are hand painted and airbrushed.

Hope you enjoy our work - you can also connect with us here: